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Cheap Hosting Solutions

Web hosting is a kind of service that provides data space for you to accommodate your website so that it is always reachable online. There are lots of web hosting suppliers that provide this type of service and picking the best one for your online requirements can be challenging.

Picking your hosting accounts provider

5 Domain
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
5 websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial
$3.75 / month
Unlimited Basic
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial
$8.33 / month

If you have just started setting up your website or are intending to create one, spending lots of money on a web hosting account is usually not the first thing you want to do. Finding an affordable web hosting provider should therefore be your objective and, when the search commences, you'll discover that making a choice is not very easy.

Various types of hosting

There are different types of web hosting solutions, among them Dedicated Hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting packages and free hosting plans. The free hosting plans as a rule include forced commercials on your website, so if you want to build a well-designed, respectable website, that would be a bad decision. The dedicated and private virtual web servers, on the other hand, are usually pricy and are not the first choice that springs to mind. Shared web hosting packages have different prices, but there are web hosts that provide cheaply priced shared web hosting packages. One such web hosting company is jamPACKED HOSTiNG. We offer shared web hosting servers in England, in the United States of America and even in Australia. Our top-quality services are offered at rather inexpensive prices.

How affordable is the affordable web hosting service?

Depending on the server resources that you will need for your web site, there are various web hosting plans you can choose from. jamPACKED HOSTiNG provides 4 affordable web hosting packages with plenty of features. The best part is not only that you can order the most affordably priced hosting package and then upgrade at any particular time to any of the other packages, but also that you can pick between monthly and yearly billing periods.

An easy-to-use, comprehensive hosting Control Panel

Different companies offer different types of Control Panels, but the majority of them resort to 3rd-party software like cPanel or DirectAdmin. jamPACKED HOSTiNG, on the other hand, have our own hosting Control Panel software called Hepsia. The amazing thing about Hepsia is that it is extremely easy-to-use and offers powerful features. Once inside the web hosting Control Panel, you can switch between the different sections easily, and the exceptional File Manager tool includes functions similar to those of your very own computer – you right-click a folder to see a list with the actions you can carry out.

Not certain what to do? The knowledge database is for you!

jamPACKED HOSTiNG also offers a detailed knowledge base inside the Control Panel that contains answers to many enquiries that you might have and that can walk you through many tasks, from managing your website files and e-mails to creating your e-mail accounts on your iPad or iPhone. We offer 24-7 client support through our trouble ticket system accessible from the web hosting Control Panel, and have so far never failed to answer any request or inquiry.