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  • Virtual Private Servers - VPS - the personal realm all online presence deserve. Jam Packed Hosting. Tools products tips and service. HOST your own. Get your vps on!
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  • Attractive prices for SSL certificates with Jam Packed Hosting. You can have your certificates auto–installed as soon as they have been issued.

Data Center Choices

Pick an OpenVZ VPS server and pick your data center with Jam Packed Hosting. We understand just how critical is the position of a data center for the sleek browsing experience of your visitors. That is why we've selected several of the top data centers, located all over the world and we have made them available for you. You'll be able to select from the US data center in Chicago, the UK data center, in the outskirts of London and our AU data center, located in the business center of Sydney. Each of these data centers provides a 99.9% warranted network uptime and remarkable connectivity opportunities. No matter exactly which data center you pick, the server cost will stay the same. Data Center Choices

Free Control Panel

When you have a Virtual Private Server, you will need a fast and powerful instrument to handle your web site. This is when our absolutely free Web Hosting Control Panel comes into play. It was built by us to be used with our services, which makes it much quicker compared to competitive control panels. And since we made it for our services, we have been able to make it really user-friendly and uncomplicated, with no real learning curve.Aside from being simple to use, it’s furthermore loaded with attributes which both hosting rookies and power users will appreciate. You are able to flawlessly control your sites and domain names from the exact same place, you are able to upload files straight with your browser over a secure connection and you will have total command over your email experience. Furthermore, we have packed an enormous collection of tools and bonuses which can help you have your site to another level. Free Control Panel
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  • .EDUCATION - $18.50/year
  • .CHURCH - $28.50/year
  • .BUSINESS - $8.50/year
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Full Root Access

In case you have constantly needed more freedom in handling your Internet presence than a typical shared web hosting account could provide, our OpenVZ VPS servers would be the solution for you. With all of our servers, you have the ability to adjust everything on your server - from small-scale changes of the Apache configuration, to installing a whole new OS. All this can be done using the full root access you will have with all of the OpenVZ VPS servers. To log in your server as the root user, you only need an SSH-enabled app, that you can get for just about any web-connected gadget. And don’t forget, if you have any questions for us, we are available 24/7. Full Root Access

Weekly Data Backups

In a world where one missing comma or bracket within your code can affect your web site, having a dependable backup is crucial. And whenever you manage a full server, albeit a virtual one, possessing a total server backup which can be recovered rapidly is invaluable. And this is what our company offers with our OpenVZ VPS servers - a number of full server backups every week, made fully automatically from us, without having any affect on the server performance and requiring just about any work on your part. The backup services are provided with all of the OpenVZ VPS servers, irrespective of their price or attributes. Weekly Data Backups

Free Bonuses

With each of our OpenVZ VPS servers you will get numerous value-added completely free bonuses. You will have a zero cost dedicated IP address, which can be used for your site and which can come in useful if you would like put in place an SSL certificate for an order or for a login page.In addition, you'll receive a few zero cost reseller hosting tools - a domain name reseller account along with a billing software, of a combined worth over $300 USD. You can use them to quickly launch your own web hosting company, with just a little amount of effort.Plus, if you pick our free Web Hosting Control Panel, you will receive all the no charge bonuses, related to it. Free Bonuses